GX 2021 Digital Event
  The GX 2021 Digital Event Hub

Welcome to the GX 2021 Digital Event hub!


Here you will find all information regarding GX 2021, including guests, speakers, contests, schedule, and more!


GX 2021 Digital Event will be broadcast live at from October 28-30

  Autographs, Video Chats, and Contests

This year we are bringing the expo experience to YOUR home!


Below you can find a range of talent that will be part of GX 2021 Digital Event that you can order their autographs or do a private live video chat with them after their panel ends.


Autograph sales are only for residents of Kuwait or America (unless you have a forwarding address in America you would like to use!)


Video chat sales are open to EVERYONE! If you do not live in either Kuwait or America please use the address below to make a video chat order


Country: Kuwait 

State: Al Asimah

City: Kuwait City

ZIP: 13006

Address: Mubarak Al Kabeer Street


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