About us

Fikra, which means idea in Arabic, is a leader in gaming and gaming related events in Kuwait. Since its first gaming event in 2011, Fikra has continuously expanded and improved upon its events.

The goals of Fikra are to grow the gaming industry/community in Kuwait and the Middle East, while also showing the world what Kuwait and the Middle East really is like. As well as empowering the youth through creative activities such as art, programming, cosplaying, and more!

With Fikra flagship events being successful both locally and internationally, Kuwait Battle Royale (The Middle East's first and largest fighting game tournament), and GX (Kuwait's first gaming expo) Fikra looks to the future and improving upon its events and be the premier destination for games and gaming related events in the region

Hotline +965 97603181

Al-Enzi Tower,8th Floor,Mubarak AlKabeer St.,Kuwait